About Energy/Vibration

“Sound is a pure energy moving through a medium at a certain frequency. When the frequency range is between 20-20,000 Hz humans call this sound, but if you strip the sound word away, it is part of a continuum of vibrational frequencies that go infinitely large and infinitely small, infinitely low and infinitely rapid.” – Dr Jeffrey D. Thompson – The Center for Neuroacoustic Research

Sound is not only perceived through our ears, but experienced through our skin and organs as well. The very first sense organ that is developed in the embryo is the inner ear, and it is the last sense to go when we die. The total experience in the womb is hearing and vibration sense, as our bodies are made up of 60% + water and sound travels through water 5x better than through air. There are 3x as many connections from the ears to the brain as there are from the eyes to the brain. The sound coming in from the ears feeds the neurological system, and the auditory nerve directly connects to every organ in the body.

In the book The Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece, the principle of vibration states that “…nothings rests, everything moves, everything vibrates.” The human body operates like a musical instrument, with every organ, tissue and bone in a constant state of vibration. And according to the ancient Hermetic teachings, every thought or emotion has corresponding vibrations, which are reproducible like musical notes. During our life experience, we all have moments of trauma (micro or macro events) that we have not been able to process completely, and the suppressed emotions and meaning that we attach to the events (thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and others) get lodged somewhere in the body as an unhealthy energy pattern. We also inherit unhealed trauma passed down from generation to generation that we still have dna/cellular memory of.

The body is always seeking to be in a state of harmony and resonance, and it is most at ease when it feels the resonance of a sympathetic nature from another source. We can intentionally use sound/energy to bring about a greater sense of wellness through this sympathetic resonance (a harmonic effect where a passive vibratory body responds to external vibrations to which it has a harmonic likeness.)

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