Seasonal 1-Day Retreats in Canberra

It doesn’t take much for life to feel like the same thing over and over again. We often feel the pressure of having to produce… results, income, lifestyle, spiritual pursuits. Whatever it is, you might be feeling like whatever you do, it never seems to be enough. 

When (and if) you have time to look back and reflect, you know that there is an ache for something more, something more that you can’t describe. 

What if you could be in a space that gave you the opportunity for a natural pause to rest and reflection?

Join Alisha and Bec’s Seasonal 1-Day Retreats in Canberra, where we will: 

  • learn how to connect more deeply to our cyclical nature as we align with monthly and seasonal rhythms including the current astrological influences 
  • be guided into self-reflective and contemplative practices allowing us to listen to our own inner guidance and identify what is wanting to emerge through us 
  • be held in a safe and supportive environment by trained professionals as we navigate the challenging task of releasing blocks and patterns of behaviour that are no longer serving us
  • experience insight as we allow in the new to come in, reclaim lost parts of ourselves and rediscover what is already within us 
  • Be a part of a community of like-minded individuals that are inspired to change and grow who will in turn inspire the communities they are a part of.

Seasonal 1-Day Retreats (Saturdays 10am-4pm)

The full day gatherings take place on the Equinox or Solstice.

At these gatherings you will: 

  • contemplate the ancient concept of ‘as above, so below’ using current astrological patterns as a guide which helps us consciously participate in the larger order   
  • through kundalini yoga practices feel the freedom of allowing yourself to be fully in your body,
  • through authentic movement practices explore how to open yourself up to the wisdom within, and access a different kind of ‘knowing’
  • through expressive arts therapy engage all of your senses creatively using different modalities such as music, meditation, imagination, poetry, and drawing, making manifest our inner subjective world of thoughts and feelings into an external art form 
  • experience a musically oriented sound journey specifically designed to harness the energies of the current seasons using state of the art brainwave rhythm technology harmonically blended with balanced carrier tones, vocal hymns, all interlaced within a live soundscape.
  • cultivate a connection to your inner voice through various inner work practices helping you to feel stronger in your own knowing 
  • have opportunity to be witnessed, just as you are, in your most present experience giving you a sense of belonging and security 

Be sustained and replenished throughout the day with wholefoods, plant-based (gluten free options) for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. 

Plus you’ll leave with a special gift! Continue the self-nurturing you have embarked upon with a take home memento from our day of shared regeneration. 

2024 DATES:

Winter solstice: Saturday 22 June, 10am-4pm

Spring equinox: Saturday 21 Sept, 10am-4pm

Summer solstice Saturday 21 Dec, 10am-4pm

PRICE: Single gathering: $230 

TIME: 10am-4pm
The finish time can vary slightly, so please allow up to 15 minutes overtime in case the session extends beyond the scheduled time.

WHERE: Space 42, 7/42 Geils Court Deakin West ACT 2600 (There is ample free parking.)

Join us at the beautiful Space 42. Centrally located in Deakin, the studio feels intimate and secluded while being embraced by light-filled floor to ceiling windows. This space, designed specifically for movement and training, with special attention to acoustics, can both hold and transport us into the realms of transformation. 

WHAT TO BRING: We will be sitting/laying on the floor, with chairs available if required. Please bring everything that you need to be comfortable such as a yoga mat, cushions, meditation stool, blanket, eye mask, and a water bottle. You will need a notepad/journal to capture any insights in writing. *Basic art materials will be provided. 


What others say about working with Alisha 

“I feel so much stronger, and I now understand myself so much better. Alisha is very professional and caring, she understands my needs. I most value the feeling that healing is possible, and the sense of connection I have achieved with my inner self. I am changing my mind and body for the better. I highly recommend having a go at this healing process with an open mind, and definitely try it with Alisha!

– Swan, Canberra

“I enjoyed the activities and how they were framed, the balance between direction, expression and exploration. I felt that it was a safe environment in order to connect with myself and to share with others. A very creative process and environment! I found it really beneficial”

– Chris, Canberra

What others say about working with Bec 

“It helped me to discover another way to nurture and acknowledge myself as a capable, confident and wise woman. I found a supportive guide (Bec) and amazing women that shared their experiences and perspectives making my journey more meaningful. These sessions are restorative to my soul, heart and body.” – Lina, Canberra

“Bec held the space so beautifully and with such strong intention. The shift of energy within me happened quickly and was incredibly powerful. The journey was deep and transformative and I can’t wait for the next term!” – Dee, NSW

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