Expressing the essence of your Soul enables your Spirit to continually soar.


Sound Healing

Vibrational Sound Healing can take you into an embodied experience of harmony, coherence and resonance, which gives your body a chance to recalibrate. You can then enhance this experience individually and continue to grow and anchor these benefits into your life. Read more…

Art Therapy

Through engaging all of our senses creatively using different art modalities such as the visual arts, writing, photography, movement and sound, we are able to make manifest our inner subjective world of thoughts and feelings into an external form. Through the process of creating and compassionate reflection, we can learn to listen deeply to ourselves, and then in-turn to others— which can lead us to a greater understanding of our diverse expression of what it means to be human. Read more…

Soul Blueprint Reading

By tuning into your energy field and scanning it, I receive different psychic impressions that describe your soul patterns. This gives me a healing ‘Blueprint’ to work with you on using various energy and sound healing techniques. Read more…

Gift Vouchers

Give the perfect gift of nourishment, healing, and creative expansion to your loved ones! 30mins, 60mins, and 90mins sessions available. Buy here…

We must constantly give birth to our thoughts out of our pain, and nurture them with everything we have in us of blood, heart, fire, pleasure, passion, agony, conscience, fate and catastrophe. Life to us—that means constantly transforming everything we are into light and flame, as well everything that happens to us…

Friedeich Nietzsh


“ I have lived with “mental health” issues all my life and the stigma is a major stumbling block. I have been treated with respect and privacy and at last I have been able to express my emotions freely. ”


“ I found it really relaxing… there was a release of held emotions and memories, and Alisha helped to facilitate a deep reconnection with my soul essence through inner journeying and sounds… ”


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